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TSS Group Rides

2023 Group rides are BACK.

Remember that rides change depending on the seasons - check this page often for what is going on for both shop rides and events in and around our area.

Rides require, at minimum, an appropriate road bike in good working order, water, and a helmet. We suggest carrying a spare tube, CO2 or pump, tire levers, energy food, and maybe a little cash in case we stop.  Many rides are held subject to weather.  Always feel free to give us a call if you have questions.  We'll see you out there — and have fun!

Our Weekly Group Rides

Join us one our group road rides. Whether you are new to cycling or an old pro, we try and support all levels of experience.  Safety, skills, fun, and fitness are the focus of all rides.

Day Start Time Description Location Phone

Every Tuesday

4:30 PM

Tuesday Interval Session (on hold until Spring 2024) - Ride starts at Rogers High School at 15 Wickham Road in Newport, RI at 4:30pm.
The group will head out in a counter clockwise fashion around Ocean Drive. If you can't make the 4:30 start head in the clockwise direction (opposite of the aforementioned direction) and when you see the group coming prepare to turn around and jump on. The ride is over when you decide you have had enough or it's dark which ever comes first.
The interval starts to amp up on Ruggles continuing on past Fort Adams gradually picking up speed, now heading past the Coast Guard Station onward to Brenton Point, now the pace has quickened heading to Bailey's Beach where there is usually a sprint finish at the cross walk. Recover to do it all over again on Bellevue and along Ruggles.

Rogers High School


Every Thursday

5:00 PM

Thursday Hill Circuit (on hold until Spring 2024) - Hills are a relative thing here on Aquidneck Island, this isn't the Berkshires but you'll definitely know you do some climbing and hard work after this ride. We follow a circuit route in Middletown. Master the Hills, Rule the Flats.

7-11 on Bellevue


Every Friday

6:30 AM

Friday Morning Women's Ride (on hold until Spring 2024)- Our weekly Women's Ride will leave the shop at 6:30 AM. Route is about 20 miles with the option to cut out at mile 10 after a lap of the Ocean Drive. This will is a no drop ride with the pace dictated by the slowest ride. The ride focused on FUN and operating safely in a pace line and on the roads, as well as developing fitness, strength and speed. Average finishing speed will be 14.5-16 mph.

Ten Speed Spokes, 18 Elm St. Newport RI


Every Saturday

8 AM

Spicy OR Social Saturday (on hold until Spring 2024) - This is a mostly social ride with a couple "spirited/spicy" sections, that regroups at certain points. Great for working up to riding faster and those looking to learn to ride safely with others. Average finishing pace is 18 - 19 mph, usually totaling around 20 miles. There is often an option for extra miles for those who want to go further. Not feeling spicy? A more social, B group, 16-17 mph average pace, is a option as well.

Empire Coffee on Bellevue, 112 William St Newport RI


Every Sunday

7:00 AM

Tempo Sunday-This is a spirited, no drop, group ride. The ride regroups as needed to make sure no one is left behind. At the Sakonett river bridge the ride will split for those who want to do the extra distance usually 60+ There will be fast spots and few hills but always we regroup after. Average pace varies on season and fitness of the group, but generally in the warmer months, the finishing pace is 19-20 mph.

Empire Coffee on Bellevue, 112 William St Newport RI


Ocean Drive

TSS Group Rides