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Build Strength With Hill Repeats

Different types of cycling requires different types of strengths. But, you don't have to be a racer to appreciate having additional power. For example, strength gains will help on hills and when trying to maintain a faster pace to keep up with a group ride. Here are some suggested workouts (most include hill work) designed to build specific strengths. Fit these into your training as hard days, usually no more than one per week.

Build strength for…Recommended training…
Keeping up with the group you ride with or being able to ride with the leaders.Increase the distance of your average rides and add some hills towards the end that will force you to work hard when your legs are tired.
Gaining all-around power.Do an out-and-back course that allows you to head out working hard against a headwind. Push the pace as possible depending on your fitness. Then, turn around and warm-down using the tailwind to help you home.
Flattening hills.Find a loop with multiple short climbs. As you do the loop, ride each hill twice, trying to improve your time on the second leg.
Competing in triathlons, time trials or mountain-bike races where you need to maintain a steady hard pace.Do three to five intervals of 4 to 6 minutes climbing a 4- to 6-percent grade with 2 to 3 minutes of recovery between each effort.
Racing on the track in criteriums or improving your road sprint.Do five to eight 15- to 20-second all-out sprints up a short, steep incline.
Increasing your acceleration and speed.Warm-up for an hour then do a series of telephone-pole sprints. These are done by sprinting all-out from one pole to the next, spinning easily and resting until the next pole and repeating.
Maintaining a steady hard pace.Do a warm-up that brings you the base of a long, gradual hill. You must be thoroughly warmed up, sweating and loose. Staying seated and, using a gear that's hard to turn over, climb the hill several times. Don't even consider this workout if you have knee problems.

Health & Fitness

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