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Kickr Studio powered by Wahoo

Introducing Our Wahoo Kickr Studio at Ten Speed Spokes!

We’re excited to welcome you to our state-of-the-art training studio on-site here at Ten Speed Spokes, loaded with the latest Wahoo Kickr smart trainers. Join us for a six week training program, a drop-in classes, or a solo ride. However you want to train indoors, we’re here to support you.

Customized Group Workout

Resistance is controlled automatically to match each rider's target power output based on his or her individual FTP for the ultimate personalized group workout.

Immersive Experience

Individual rider metrics displayed on a class leaderboard for easy coaching and rider feedback.

Realistic Road Feel

Heavy, high inertia fly wheel mimics the feel of riding outdoors for a more realistic training experience.

People working out on bikes with trainers and instructor

The Perfect Workout

You design the workout or choose from a library of professionally built interval training workouts and Wahoo's proprietary control algorithms deliver a workout customized to each rider. KICKR Studio always delivers a workout at the proper intensity to match individual ability and training needs, maximizing time spent in the saddle.

People working out on bikes with trainers

Ride With Friends

Make riding indoors just as social as your weekly group ride. Push yourself and your friends in a class environment while improving your cycling skills with focused interval training.

Register for Your FREE First Class

Get started with a one hour free Try-a-Trainer promotional FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test. This test measures your average power sustained over an hour, and is a great baseline to begin your training.

  1. Register online and please fill in as much information as you can ahead of time (excluding your FTP, of course - we’ll determine that number during your first visit).  
  2. Once you’ve registered, give us a call to schedule your class.
  3. Show up to class at least 15 minutes early ready for a killer workout. Please bring:
    1. YOUR BIKE
    2. Indoor cycling gear, including cycling shoes
    3. Towel
    4. The system will pair with any ant+ sensors so bring your heart rate strap & cadence sensor, if available!
    5. No helmet required

After your class, we’ll email you all of your biostatistics and ride metrics in layman's terms as well as a .fit file that includes ALL of the data from your one-hour session. You can load this data into Trainingpeaks, Strava and similar training applications.

Ready to Ride?

Register online or get in touch if you have any questions. We’re here to help!